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Dunstable mosquito control

Have you ever met anybody who likes mosquitoes? Neither have we! These tiny but treacherous monsters ruin everything. Not just backyard barbecues and bonfires, but they’re literally the most deadly animals in the world because of all the diseases they carry. And in recent years, the CDC reports, diseases from mosquitoes and ticks have more than tripled.

West Nile virus, the most common mosquito-borne disease in the United States, has already been found locally in mosquitoes yet again. The Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project (CMMCP), which covers the Town of Dunstable, does what they can to control mosquitoes in Dunstable but unfortunately, their efforts are an uphill battle and not very effective protection for homeowners in their Dunstable mosquito control overall.

This is for a couple reasons.

The first is that municipal projects like CMMCP only treat public areas such as parks, swampy areas, drainage ponds, and roadways. Rarely does the fog from the fogging trucks that go through your neighborhood at night reach further than the end of your driveway. Meaning, they can’t protect you in you own yard, which is basically a safe haven for the bugs beyond the fog.

And while CMMCP does use larvicide in wetlands to combat the growth of young mosquitoes, you’re most likely to be bitten by the mosquitoes that were born and raised in your own yard, not a local swamp. Further, the fogging spray that they use only kills adult mosquitoes on contact. There are plenty more that aren’t knocked down that way who are more than happy to move into your yard for a feast of you and your family.

Unlike the CMMCP’s treatment, Mosquito Squad’s barrier treatment spray is different. Yes, it also eliminates adult mosquitoes on contact, but it also keeps working for up to three weeks after application with up to 90% effectiveness.

How our Dunstable mosquito control works

When Mosquito Squad arrives at your house, the first thing we do is treat any existing standing water in your yard with larvicide to eliminate existing larvae and mosquito eggs. Standing water is a mosquito breeding ground. Then we get rid of that standing water by tipping over anything that may hold it, and otherwise eliminate as much as possible.

Next, we start treating your yard from the perimeter inward, distributing our EPA-registered barrier spray on as much as possible, while avoiding flowers and other things that bees pollinate. We concentrate on foliage, the underside of leaves, trees, bushes, and even the underside of decks — anywhere mosquitoes like to be. We ask that you avoid going in your yard while we treat and until our solution is dry, but that only takes about 30 minutes. Once it’s dry, our solution has formed an odorless, colorless “barrier” that will eliminate any mosquito or other biting bug that lands upon it, for up to 21 days.

What’s the secret? Micro encapsulation, which means that it’s time released. Much like an extended release prescription, it’s formulated to gradually emit its active ingredients at a steady rate, making your Dunstable mosquito control more effective than anything on the market — up to 90%.

For continuous protection, we offer seasonal plans so you can enjoy worry-free, uninterrupted summers. We’ll always call a day ahead of time to remind you that we’re coming, but you don’t even need to be home. We’ll leave confirmation of service on your door.

Want or need something even heavier? Check out our automatic misting systems!

Sometimes customers come to us that have property that is more mosquito-heavy than others, simply by its location or other characteristics. If you’ve got a house with waterfront property, live in a more wooded area than most, near a swamp, or have a barn, we highly recommend one of our automatic misting systems for the most heavy-duty Dunstable mosquito control you’ll be able to find. Maybe you just want control at the push of a button. That’s okay, too! Whatever your situation, misting systems are custom designed and installed by our technicians on your property, then programmed to emit a mist of our barrier treatment formula at specific intervals for about 45 seconds at a time. They come with a remote control and app so that you can even trigger the mist on demand; you don’t even need to be home! And don’t worry — we make sure to strategically place the misters to be as unnoticeable as possible in your yard and “blend in” with the surroundings. The best part? Mosquito Squad takes care of all installation, spring setup, winterization, refills, and maintenance. It’s a true “set it and forget it” solution that is over 90% effective!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mosquito Squad of Massachusetts firmly stands behind all its products and services, but if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let us know. We’ll either give your property another treatment or offer your money back. We’re in the business of eliminating bugs, not customers! We also know people like to do their research before deciding on a company, so so we encourage you to click the button on the right to read over 200 reviews from local homeowners who have used our services.

Contact Mosquito Squad today to ensure your Dunstable mosquito control protects you and your family at home, and take back your yard from pesky bugs. Give us a call at 978-315-5811 or fill out the contact form on our home page and we’ll get in touch with you. We look forward to helping you fight the bite!

With Mosquito Squad, protection is guaranteed!

If you are not completely satisfied with your mosquito or tick control treatment, contact us within 21 days of that treatment for a re-spray at no additional charge, or a 100% refund of that treatment.

Looking for something on the “greener” side?

All of Mosquito Squad’s products are EPA registered, but we know there are some people who prefer to go the all-natural route and as “green” as possible. No problem. We also offer an all-natural barrier spray solution, designed and developed with essential oils, which we still mix in-house.

It’s more of a repellant than eliminator, essentially “chasing” the bugs out of your yard. Most customers notice a significant reduction of yard pests anywhere between 75-80%. Also a time-released solution, it breaks down slightly faster than the traditional barrier treatment, we recommend reapplication of our all-natural formula every two weeks instead of three.we recommend reapplying our all-natural solution every two weeks instead of the traditional treatment’s three.

Having a party? Don’t forget to alert the SQUAD!

If you’ve ever thrown a big get-together, you know there’s a ton of thought and planning involved. Whether it’s a wedding, graduation party, family reunion, company picnic, or any other gathering, sometimes missing little details can create big consequences. Little details like mosquitoes can put a serious damper on the fun, so that’s why we offer our special event service that ensures that bugs don’t crash your bash and your guests don’t get “eaten alive,” or worse — leave early.

Just give us a call and we’ll schedule to come out to the site of the event 24-72 hours in advance and treat the whole area with our traditional barrier spray. It generally takes us about 20 minutes to do the treatment (depending on the size of the site, of course), and it dries in a half hour, meaning there’s plenty of time to schedule around caterers, tent setup, and other party prep. We’ll be there and gone before you know it, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your guests aren’t on the mosquito menu. Cheers to that!

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