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How many times have you tried to enjoy your yard during the summer with family and friends, only to be forced back inside because the mosquitoes were so bad? The whizzing sound they make when they fly by your face and the itchy bites may be annoying, but the real dangers of mosquitoes are the diseases they carry. West Nile virus was officially confirmed to be in Lexington in 2017, and it’s likely to come back this year. Then there’s the potentially fatal Eastern Equine encephalitis, which is rare, but deadly for both humans and horses alike. Unfortunately, Massachusetts has had the most cases of EEE in the country in recent years. The list of serious mosquito-born illnesses goes on.

At Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts, it’s our mission to protect you and your loved ones from these scary mosquito-transmitted diseases. By now you know that citronella candles and tiki torches have very limited effectiveness, as with mosquito spray. The Town of Lexington has a general mosquito information page, which is nice but not exactly helpful. There is a better way for your mosquito control Lexington MA yard, and that’s with Mosquito Squad’s barrier treatment.

But why would you use a private company like Mosquito Squad, when there’s the East Middlesex Mosquito Control Project (EMMCP)? The answer is pretty simple — municipal mosquito control projects are more concerned with wetlands and public areas like parks, not private properties. The trucks that drive around at night spraying for your Lexington MA mosquito control only reach the end of your driveway, not your front door, where you greet your guests. Backyard mosquito control? Forget it with those fogging trucks. It just doesn’t happen.

Simply put — relying on a municipal program like EMMCP is just not going to protect you, your family, and friends from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry, nor will a program like that help you enjoy your own backyard. Mosquito Squad’s main focus is protecting people in their own yards, not public areas.

Long-Lasting Lexington MA Mosquito Control

The formula Mosquito Squad uses to eliminate mosquitoes and other yard pests is much different from EMMCP’s treatment. It’s true that they both eliminate the bugs on contact, but that’s where the similarities end. Their formula and process is called “adulticiding” and they even admit on their website that it’s "a temporary control over the flying mosquitos and will knock down mosquito populations that could potentially be carrying virus.” Mosquito Squad’s formula is specially developed to be time-released and keep on working for three weeks after application, even eliminating mosquito eggs before they’re able to hatch. While EMMCP has residential Lexington MA mosquito control services you may request, it’s the same one-zap, on-contact formula they use with their trucks.

How Mosquito Squad’s Barrier Treatment Works:

Mosquito Squad’s technicians visit your property and distribute our barrier spray around the perimeter of your yard and work their way inward, being sure to cover all surfaces of foliage (avoiding flowers, don’t worry), decks, patios, rocks, trees, even garden gnomes. This eliminates adult mosquitoes on contact, and because it adheres to whatever we apply it to, also eliminates any new bugs that encounter it. Our odorless, micro-encapsulated formula will eliminate the mosquito population in your yard by up to 90% for three solid weeks before needing reapplication. Imagine how many times the EMMCP trucks will have driven by your house in that same amount of time! But why do just one barrier treatment from us, when you can have protection from mosquitoes all summer long? That’s why we offer seasonal programs, so you can spend as much time outside in your yard as you want all season, without having to worry about mosquitoes and the harmful diseases they carry.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Special Events Without The Bugs

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, family reunion, graduation party, or other special event, don’t forget about the potential invasion of insects and other mosquitoes. They’ll see your event as a smorgasbord of delicious warm bodies to feast on. With so much to think about to prepare for your event, the last thing you want or need is your guests leaving early to get away from the bites, or for them to say, “Oh, it was nice until I got practically eaten alive by all the mosquitoes.”

But Mosquito Squad’s got you covered. With our special event mosquito control service, we’ll visit the site of the occasion between 24-72 hours before the party and spray it down with our traditional barrier treatment to make sure your only guests are the invited ones. Our formula only takes 30 minutes to dry, which makes it easy to schedule around caterers, tent setup, and other event preparation.

You’re Got the Power with Mosquito Misting Systems

Want the ultimate in your Lexington MA mosquito control? Consider one of our automatic misting systems. We highly recommend these if you have waterfront property, live near a wooded area, or have horses in a barn. Mosquito Squad strategically places misters around your property that release our mosquito control solution at programmed intervals for about 30 seconds at a time, or at your command with the push of a button on the remote control. This tactic is over 90% effective at eliminating mosquitoes and gives you extra peace of mind. Best part of all, we take care of all installation, refills, maintenance, summer setup and winterization. The only finger you’ll need to lift is the one that pushes the button on the remote!

Prefer an All-Natural Mosquito Control Alternative?

All of Mosquito Squad’s products are EPA-registered, but we know that some people still prefer to go the more “green” route, which is why we offer an all-natural barrier treatment. We developed this formula primarily with essential oils, and it repels bugs more than eliminates them. Most customers notice a reduction in yard pests by up to 80%. Also time-released, we recommend re-application of our all-natural formula every two weeks instead of three.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mosquito Squad is confident you’ll be happy with our products and services, but if there’s any reason you’re not, let us know and we’ll either re-treat your yard or offer your money back — no questions asked. But we also know that a company is only as good as its reputation, so we encourage you to click the Google graphic on the right to read nearly 200 reviews about us from local homeowners.

Take back your yard this summer while protecting your loved ones from itchy bites and dangerous mosquito-borne diseases. Contact Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts today for worry-free Lexington MA mosquito control all season long. Give us a call at 978-315-5811, click “Get a Free Quote!" at the top right, or fill out the contact form on our home page and we’ll call you. No matter how we get in touch, we look forward to working with you!

With Mosquito Squad, protection is guaranteed!

If you are not completely satisfied with your mosquito or tick control treatment, contact us within 21 days of that treatment for a re-spray at no additional charge, or a 100% refund of that treatment.


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