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Central Massachusetts Tick Control Services

At Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts, we are dedicated to helping our neighbors battle the dangers deer ticks and other ticks bring to their doorsteps. Tick’s carry dangerous diseases like Lyme Disease Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Powassan and more. Ticks bring danger to us, our children, and our pets. With our intensive tick control services we are your best choice for tick control from Tewksbury to Westford, Wilmington to North Andover and everywhere in between. Read below to learn the details of what is included in our tick control services:

Barrier Spray Eliminates Adult Ticks on Contact

Our most popular mosquito control treatment also eliminates adult ticks on contact. The traditional barrier spray is applied by our licensed technicians every 2-3 weeks throughout the entire season for continuous reduction of ticks on your property. Following best practices for tick elimination, our techs will pay special attention to shady cool areas where ticks like to congregate and hide. Along the bottom of fences and retaining walls, near wood piles, in tall grasses, and along your tree line. The time-released formula will continue to protect your property between treatments and can reduce the population of ticks on your property by 85-90%.

Tick Tubes for Long-Term Tick Control

Tick tubes are essential for long-term tick control. The main purpose of tick tubes is to eliminate nymph ticks, the smallest ticks that are hardest to spot when they attach themselves to you, your children, or pets. Twice per year, we’ll strategically place tick tubes (cardboard tubes full of treated cotton) in just the right places around your property. Mice will take this cotton back to their nests. The larval and nymph ticks that have attached themselves to the mice will then perish from the introduction of the treated nesting materials. Because adult female ticks can lay as many as 3,000 eggs at once, the larval and nymph population is astronomical and the best place to interrupt the volume of ticks that end up out questing for blood meals each year. With tick tubes as part of your tick control plan, we can eliminate over 90% of ticks on your property and enjoy cumulative effects each season as long as the treatment schedule is maintained.

Ticks are not just annoying and gross. They represent a danger to humans and our beloved fur babies. In addition to using Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts for your tick control, we recommend following the C’s of tick control to make sure your property is not an attractive environment for ticks and the deer they ride in on.

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