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Don’t Take Your Chances — Leave Your Acton Tick Control to the Pros at Mosquito Squad

Ticks are no joke. Though tiny, those little critters can have some serious impact if an infected one bites you or your loved ones, whether they have two logs or four. If you live here, you likely know that Lyme disease is a big problem all over New England. According to Acton Wicked Local, there were there were 4500 cases of Lyme disease in Massachusetts in 2016 alone.

But that’s not the only one — there are many other tick-borne illnesses we need to watch out for, including Babseiosis, which is more concentrated in Middlesex County than anywhere else in the state.

While Acton is a part of the Middlesex Tick Task Force, that basically tells you what to do after you get bitten by a tick. And that same Wicked Local article says that public health officials claim "A little bit of vigilance, and some bug spray, can go a long way in reducing the health risks associated with ticks.” That’s a nice sentiment, but it takes more than “vigilance and bug spray” to prevent tick-borne illnesses.

Wouldn’t you rather just avoid these little monsters all together?

That’s when you call the pros at Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts.

We take Acton tick control seriously, because these little suckers are nothing to mess around with.

As it happens, the same specially formulated barrier spray treatment that we use for mosquitoes also eliminates adult ticks and fleas by up to 90%. But with ticks, we take it one step further to protect people and pets from tick and tick-borne diseases.

Acton Tick Control: Step One

The first thing we do is for Acton tick control is treat the perimeter of your yard and work our way inward, just like our traditional barrier treatment. We make sure to treat all the foliage while avoiding flowers, plus surfaces around and underneath patios and decks. But for the ticks, we give extra attention to the tall grassy areas, because that’s where they usually hang out — breeding, resting, and well, waiting for dinner. We don’t want it to be you!

Since our barrier treatment formula is time released, it eliminates ticks, mosquitoes, and other creepy-crawlies for three weeks before needing reapplication. This way it also prevents future ticks by stopping their eggs from hatching, which puts a halt to the next generation,

Acton Tick Control: Step Two

Lyme Disease and other tick born illnesses are caused by bacteria transmitted most often by the deer tick, but other ticks are carriers, too. Of course, not all ticks are carriers of dangerous pathogens, but it’s best to err on the safe side. Ticks become infected when they feed on small animals, such as mice, that are infected. By going straight to the source through the implementation of tick tubes, we are able to stop the cycle of disease where it would normally start.

Tick tubes are small, biodegradable tubes we place strategically around your yard. They are stuffed with a treated cotton that entice mice to bring back to their nests. When a tick bites one of these mice, it is eliminated shortly afterward. This extra, proactive step Mosquito Squad takes for your Acton tick control helps eliminate the tick population in your yard by up to 90%. This method gets rid of ticks way before they come anywhere near you or your loved ones.

We Also Offer an All-Natural Solution

All of Mosquito Squad’s products are EPA registered, but if you consider yourself a little more “crunchy” and prefer an all-natural solution, we can definitely accommodate. We developed an all-natural formula with essential oils at its base, which repels, rather than eliminates, yard pests. Most customers notice a reduction in yard pests between 65-80% using this method. Also time-released, we recommend reapplying this formula after two weeks.

Mosquito Squad Guarantees 100% Satisfaction

Mosquito Squad firmly stands behind our products and services, but if you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, let us know. We’ll either give your yard another treatment or offer your money back. But a company is only as good as its reputation among clients, so we encourage you to click the Google graphic on the right to read nearly 200 reviews of our products and services from local homeowners.

We don’t mess around with ticks, and neither should you. Leave your Acton tick control to the pros and contact Mosquito Squad today. Give us a call at 978-315-5811 or drop us a line via our contact page to learn more about how we can eliminate the tick population in your yard and protect you and your loved ones from dangerous tick-borne illnesses. We look forward to helping you!

h3. With Mosquito Squad, protection is guaranteed!

If you are not completely satisfied with your mosquito or tick control treatment, contact us within 21 days of that treatment for a re-spray at no additional charge, or a 100% refund of that treatment.


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