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Take protecting your family from tick-borne diseases into your own hands with our Dracut tick control

Early in May 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a startling report that diseases from mosquitoes and ticks more than tripled since 2004. Further, ticks were responsible for about 77% of those, with Lyme disease accounting for 82% of all tick-borne disease reports. Those numbers are disturbing in and of itself, but the numbers are staggering for Massachusetts — it puts us as #3 in number of tick-borne diseases in the nation.

What is most disturbing, however, is that according to one of the study’s authors, Dr. Lyle Petersen, nearly 80% of vector control organizations need improvement in at least one or more of five core competencies, such as testing for pesticide resistance or even having an action plan to kill mosquitoes and ticks at every life stage.

But while the government doesn’t have the capacity to prevent and control mosquitoes and ticks, you definitely do as a homeowner. Just call Mosquito Squad. That’s why we’re here — to empower you to protect your family from vector-borne diseases on your own property. We’re your best line of defense against mosquitoes and for your Dracut tick control. Ourtraditional barrier treatment is nearly 90% effective for both mosquitoes and ticks for three weeks. With our tick control, we have a two-pronged approach to make sure ticks are eliminated from your property at every stage of the life cycle.

Dracut tick control – Phase One

We first approach our Dracut tick control the same way that we do our traditional mosquito barrier treatment — treating your property from the perimeter inward, applying our EPA-registered formula on everything except flowers and other bee-pollinated plants. We cover trees, bushes, on top of and under decks, patios, lawn ornaments, and so on. For ticks, we concentrate even more on tall grassy areas because that’s where they usually like to hang out, breeding, resting, and waiting for their next blood meal. We’re in the business of making sure that’s not you.

Since our formula is micro encapsulate, it’s time-released, meaning you’ll be protected from ticks (and other biting bugs) for up to 21 days. It adheres to everything it’s applied to, therefore it prevents existing tick eggs from hatching, which stops the life cycle of the tick population in your yard. As with mosquito barrier treatment, we recommend reapplication every three weeks for maximum efficiency. Don’t worry, we offer seasonal packages so you don’t forget to reschedule, and we’ll always call a day in advance to remind you that we’re coming.

But then we move onto Phase Two.

Phase two in your Dracut tick control – a.k.a. “the bonus round”

Many outdoor pest control companies stop with spraying for ticks. But that’s simply not enough for Mosquito Squad. We go “straight to the source” of where future adult ticks are. So the next phase of our Dracut tick control strategy is tick tubes. Tick tubes are small, biodegradable tubes stuffed with a treated cotton that we strategically place around your yard to entice mice. Mice are usually the first choice of a blood meal for ticks in their nymph stage. So when these critters find the cotton-stuffed tubes, they take some of the cotton back to their burrows to make them nice and cozy, and the permethrin that is on the cotton rubs off on their fur. While harmless to mice, it’s fatal to ticks. When a tick tries to attack one of these mice, it is shortly eliminated thereafter.

This extra, proactive step Mosquito Squad takes by using tick tubes in addition to our barrier spray makes sure we knock down ticks at every stage of their life cycle and therefore, stop them from coming anywhere near you or your family on your property.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mosquito Squad completely stands behind all of our services products, but if you’re not happy for any reason at all, we’ll either re-treat your property or give you your money back. We also know that smart consumers like to do their research before hiring any service company, so we encourage you to click the Google button on the right to read what nearly 200 local homeowners have to say about us.

Contact Mosquito Squad today to be proactive about protecting your family from ticks and tick-borne illnesses in your own yard. The power is in your hands to protect your family where the government simply can’t. So for the most effective Dracut tick control, give us a call at 978-315-5811 or drop us a line via our contact form and we’ll reach out to you. We look forward to helping you!

With Mosquito Squad, protection is guaranteed!

If you are not completely satisfied with your mosquito or tick control treatment, contact us within 21 days of that treatment for a re-spray at no additional charge, or a 100% refund of that treatment.

Prefer something all-natural? We’ve got that.

While all of our products are EPA-registered, we know that some people prefer to stay away from synthetics all together and go as “green” as possible. Not a problem. We developed a special, all-natural barrier spray treatment, solution with essential oils for those who prefer to go that route. This botanical solution does not eliminate bugs as much as it repels them.

To bugs, it’s repulsive and chases them off your property. Though not quite as effective as our traditional barrier treatment, it’s close — most customer who use this treatment report a reduction in yard pests anywhere between 65-80%. Also a time-released solution, because of its makeup it breaks down slightly faster than our traditional formula, so we recommend reapplication every two weeks instead of three.

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