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Natick tick control

You likely know that in all of the Northeast, Lyme disease is a huge problem here. But there’s another, much worse tick-vectored illness on the rise, Powassan virus. In fact, the CDC recently reported that diseases from both ticks and mosquitoes have more than tripled since 2004. In this report, the CDC also quite plainly states that about 80% of vector control organizations lack critical prevention and control capabilities.

Even in 2017, WBUR was reporting on the spread of Lyme disease in Massachusetts and what little there was being done about it. You don’t have to look further than the Town of Natick’s website to see that all they have about ticks is a list of downloadable PDFs.

So if the government isn’t prepared to protect its citizens from mosquito- and tick-borne illnesses, what can a private citizen do? Call Mosquito Squad of Massachusetts! Our tick control is guaranteed to be nearly 90% effective for three weeks at a time, just like our mosquito control. And with our Natick tick control, we take it a step further to make sure ticks don’t go anywhere near you and your family. With these two steps, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that while the government can’t protect you and your family from ticks and mosquitoes, you can.

Mosquito Squad’s Natick tick control, phase one

The first phase of our Natick tick control is the same as our traditional mosquito barrier treatment — we treat your property from the perimeter inward, applying our EPA-registered formula on everything except flowers and other bee-friendly plants. We cover it all — bushes, decks and beneath them, leaves, trees, woodpiles, you name it. For ticks, we concentrate even more on tall grassy areas and places like leaf piles, because that’s prime tick territory. You’re mostly to find them in those places breeding, resting, and waiting to hitch a ride on the next tasty meal that walks by. We’re here to make sure that’s not you.

Since our formula is micro encapsulated, it’s time-released, meaning you’ll be protected from ticks (and other biting bugs) for up to three weeks at a time. It’s odorless and colorless, and adheres to everything it’s applied to, therefore it prevents existing tick eggs from hatching. This stops the life cycle of the tick population in your yard. Like our mosquito barrier treatment, we recommend reapplication every three weeks for maximum efficiency. Don’t worry, we offer seasonal packages so you don’t forget to reschedule, and we’ll always call a day in advance to remind you that we’re coming.

But we don’t stop with just a spray.

Natick tick control, phase two

While Lyme disease is most prevalent here, and while not all ticks carry diseases, the ones that carry Lyme are the deer tick. But contrary to their name, the main blood meal for a nymph deer tick is actually mice. To eliminate ticks in their younger stages, Mosquito Squad employs a special tactic called tick tubes. These are small, biodegradable tubes stuffed with cotton that is treated with permethrin, which is harmless to them but fatal to ticks. These tubes entice mice, who love to take the cotton back to their burrows to get cozy. The permethrin rubs off on their fur, and when a tick tries to attack these mice, it is eliminated shortly afterward. It’s with this proactive measure that we stop ticks at their source so that they don’t come anywhere near you or your loved ones, and is nearly 90% (possibly more) effective at reducing the tick population on your property.

Mosquito Squad Guarantees 100% Satisfaction

We are so confident in the effectiveness of our work that if you aren’t completely satisfied for any reason, we’ll either re-treat your property or offer your money back. But we’re aware that a company’s reputation is only as good as its customers’ word, so we encourage you to click the button on the right to read over 200 reviews of Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts from local homeowners who have used our services.

You have the power to protect your family where the government can’t. For your Natick tick control, contact Mosquito Squad of Massachusetts today. Give us a call at 978-315-5811 or drop us a line via our contact form and we’ll reach out to you. We look forward to helping you take your yard back!

With Mosquito Squad, protection is guaranteed!

If you are not completely satisfied with your mosquito or tick control treatment, contact us within 21 days of that treatment for a re-spray at no additional charge, or a 100% refund of that treatment.

Ask about our all-natural barrier treatment!

While all of Mosquito Squad’s products are EPA-registered, we also offer an all-natural barrier treatment solution for those of us who prefer to stay as “green” as possible. We developed this formula with essential oils as a base. This solution also eliminates on contact, but after that acts as a repellant, that “chases” the bugs away.

It’s not quite as effective as our traditional mosquito and tick control treatment, but it’s still pretty powerful — most customers notice a reduction in yard pests between 65-80%. Also a time-released formula, it breaks down a little faster because of its botanical makeup, so we recommend reapplication every two weeks instead of the traditional barrier treatment’s three.

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