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Mosquito Squad Reviews

Our business relies on your satisfaction. When you’re so thrilled to have an improved pest-free outdoor lifestyle, it just makes sense to share that joy. Below you’ll find some wonderful things our beloved customers have said. If you’re a satisfied customer yourself, we’d love a review on Google.

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This is the first year that I have used Mosquito Squad, I received a mailing. I called and asked a question and was surprised I did not have to sign a contract just in case it didn’t work. Guess what I signed up for services that take me through the fall. I love that I can sit outside and enjoy my patio and not worry about mosquitoes. Your office reps are so nice, and never rush you off the phone when you have a question. Great people, great Company!! I know that this is just the beginning of a long relationship who knew…
Kathy F., Tewksbury, MA

No Mosquitoes!
Brian F., Fitchburg, MA

After the first service application, I noticed a huge decline in the number of mosquitos; I am finally able to sit and entertain guests on the deck in my backyard and enjoy the outdoors, working outside in my gardens has become a more pleasant experience, children are now able to play in my backyard without worrying about being attacked by mosquitoes . I wish I used your computer sooner.
Lisa S., Bedford MA

We are very pleased with how well this works against mosquitos! We were unable to sit outside at night last year due to too many skeeter bites. At the time we used a competitor’s services. After one application, we are able to sit outside and enjoy our backyard at night. We still see a few mosquitos at dusk (as I was informed of) but once the sun is down, we hardly see any activity.
J.S., Chelmsford, MA

Your office staff was friendly and knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and your field workers showed up as on time and performed the work as promised. I am going to recommend Mosquito Squad to my friends that are having a graduation party in Concord on June 4th!
M.K., Concord, MA

After the first treatment, I had a bridal shower held outside on my patio. We had no issues with mosquito’s at all!
C.C., Lowell, MA

We have been able to enjoy our yard and pool much longer since we started with Mosquito Squad. There are much fewer concerns with bites and ticks for ourselves and dog. I have recommended Mosquito Squad to two coworkers who were having backyard weddings. Each had an event spray & were so pleased with the results. The only drawback is being so spoiled we notice the bugs so much more when we visit friends who don’t use the service. The service is fast & very thorough!
Sherri S., Tewksbury, MA

Soydan A., Acton, MA

I had an event spray and normally we can’t enjoy our yard because of to many mosquitoes. We live near a brook and they are horrible. We were able to sit outside and not get eaten alive. It was so nice to actually enjoy our yard.. Thanks Mosquito Squad!!
Karen A., Westminster, MA

It works!
Stephen B., Westminster, MA

Timely. Response to issues. Reduction in mosquitos
S.M., Southborough, MA

Courteous. Professional, good communication. Responsive. I haven’t been there when we’ve been sprayed, but all else A+
C.H., Medfield, MA

I like the notice, you come when you say.
M.T., Tyngsboro, MA

It was very effective for our planned event.
A.A., Milford, MA

It works. We can use our back yard again.
Z.R., Tewksbury, MA

So far it’s working great and I like how you call in the morning to let me know about what time you’ll be coming. I operate a day care and it’s good to know so we will be inside when you come. Thanks.
V.F., Westminster, MA

I’ve noticed a marked reduction in mosquitoes and zero ticks!
Lisa, Westminster, MA

This services has been very effective. It has allowed us the ability to use our yard and deck as we originally planned. Even in the evening we can have dinner outside and enjoy our investment without being bothered by biting insects. More than worth it to have the peace of mind to have our granddaughter running around the yard without the threat of mosquito or tick borne illnesses. The people that provide this service are professional and friendly.
Marla, Medford MA

It is so nice to be able to be out in the yard first thing in the morning to work in the gardens without being eaten alive by mosquitos! We are also able to sit out on our back deck every night without being bothered!
Paula, Stow, MA

No flying bugs—I have recommended your Service to many of my neighbors and they Have been quite satisfied. Keep up the Good work!!
Lee, Bedford, MA

You stand behind your service. I only needed you back once in a follow up app. You came, applied and the air was clear. No charge and very quickly in off property. Thank You.
John, Templeton, MA

I like the fact that you leave notes regarding the different sprays that were applied at each visit. First, we would never know that you were at the house without them. Second, I did notice a difference between the number of mosquitoes after the first vs. second spray. I feel like there were fewer mosquitoes after the first spray and wondered whether it was the formula. :) Thank you!
Jennifer, Wayland, MA

Excellent customer service and follow through, and the service is working. We are using our patio and enjoying the outdoors more than ever.
Robin, Carlisle, MA

Promptness and consideration to my landscape. Professional, curious and friendly
Joanne, Ashburnham, MA

The mosquitoes have significantly dropped off after just 2 treatments.
Tom, Groton, MA

It works to keep away those annoying mosquitose – We are able to enjoy our backyard!
Donna, Ashburnham, MA

Effective treatment.
Ben, Sudbury, MA

It works!
Allison, Westminster, MA

That it works, and you come on the scheduled days.
Jim, Tewksbury, MA

Seems to do exactly as promised.
Mammoth Estates, Dracut, MA

It works!
Henry, Natick, MA

It works and when I asked for a re-spray my request was taken care of promptly.
Lee, Bedford, MA

Seems to be helping considerably with the mosquitoes this season given all the rain we have had.
Nichole, North Billerica, MA

I like that I can get out of my car and am not attacked by Mosquitos , the guys just do the job and leave.
Juneanne, Ashburnham, MA

Our mosquito problem had prevented us from enjoying evenings on our porch. Now that we are using Mosquito Squad, we are using it nightly. Service is prompt and flexible.
Anne, Bedford, MA

Good schedule – cost was good – seemed to work – friendly staff.
Jamieson, Bedford, MA

You were upfront, prompt and did get rid of 80-90% of the mosquitoes with the first spray.
Jim, Ashburnham, MA

The treatment was quite effective and allowed us to enjoy our patio areas evenings.Also the day before email treatment notices were helpful .The people who came to our home were were both polite and professional.
Mark, Westminster, MA

Effective product, reasonable pricing, great customer service.
Joshua, Hopkinton, MA

It really works! Easy to call and schedule :)
Nicole, Dracut, MA

You came when you said you would come and mosquitoes definitely seem to be lessened since the spraying.
Susan, Westford, MA

Mosquitoes were cut down significantly and the price was right.
Melissa, Chelmsford, MA

Ability to use my yard more now that the mosquitoes are controlled. We also see fewer ticks on the kids and dogs.
Amy, Westford, MA

It seems to work.
Matthew, Sterling, MA

I liked that it really did work and we could enjoy our yard longer in the early evening.
Terry, Billerica, MA

It worked! Living in a town where the local newspaper is called “the Mosquito”, and I am able to have supper on our back deck is proof enough that the system works, THANKS.
Donald, Carlisle, MA

Great service. Significant decrease in the amount of mosquitoes in my yard. Thank you Mosquito Squad!!
Sue, Westford, MA

There aren’t mosquito’s in my yard. I like that.
Heather, Bedford, MA

Very professional. Mosquitoes And ticks taken care of. My cats contracted fleas for the first time. Treated with flee medicine. Seems to be working. We are getting Bit by something. But not mosquitoes.
Dina, Westford, MA

The guys were very professional and respectful. Your product worked great! We had no problems with mosquitoes the day of our party, and I have not noticed any since then.
Jayne, Littleton, MA

Your services are OUTSTANDING. Your technicians that show up to spray are professional, friendly, technically competent, and very informative. You and your team members provide a vital and tremendous service to home owners in Middlesex County (Westford).

You help allay our fears of mosquito-borne illnesses, not to mention the annoying itching bites! We can use our yard with confidence! Thank you all.
Mark, Westford, MA

No mosquitoes!
Brian, Fitchburg, MA

Avail on short notice and have had few mosquitoes since.
Suzanne, Westford, MA

Very accommodating to our schedule.
Elizabeth, Belmont, MA

Reliable and they work!
Fern, Cambridge, MA

They are reliable & proficient with there services.
Christine, Tyngsboro, MA

Service was excellent – website was informative; phone was answered promptly (didn’t have to leave a message); all my questions were answered; Mosquito Squad showed up on time at the appointed day/time.
Mary, Sudbury, MA

Easy, convenient and effective.
Molly, Sudbury, MA

Quick service and correspondence. extremely professional.
Renee, North Billerica, MA

Works great!
Rebecca, North Billerica, MA

Great customer service. I do wish you could invent an extremely large mosquito net so that we could be rid of all mosquitoes. ;-)
Elisa, Westford, MA

It works!!
Liliana, North Billerica, MA

I really like the service when I do not have any mosquitoes.
James, Westford, MA

It reduces the Mosquitoes and ticks.
Marilyn, Sudbury, MA

Professional, tell us when you are coming and show up when you say you will, friendly reps
Theresa, Gardner, MA

The product really works. The company retreated at my request. They always answer questions politely and quickly.
Deb, Wilmington, MA

Great customer service.
Lianne, Tewksbury, MA

It appears to be working.
Frank, Westford, MA

I was attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes over the weekend in front of our house. Please have your team spray all around the house, they do an excellent job in our backyard but we need additional protection in the front especially in the flower beds and grass. as well. Often during the spring it rains right after you spray, please look at the forecast and schedule spraying when we have at least a day or two before it rains again.Please add your sign near our mailbox to encourage our neighbors to use your service. Thank you.
Dawn, Westford, MA

Keep yard free of ticks and mosquitoes.
Brian, Sudbury, MA

The services are outstanding, from arrival notices to after application do and don’t. Its great to be outside at night throwing the baseball around w/no skeeters, and I do mean at NIGHT.
Dave, Westminster, MA

Fast easy and I don’t have to be home.
Nikole, North Chelmsford, MA

Customer Service!
Angela, Chelmsford, MA

it really works! Donna, Ashburnham, MA

It works!
Eric, Bolton, MA

It works.
Patricia, Tyngsboro, MA

Crews have been polite and thorough.
Kevin, Southborough, MA

It seems to work. The mosquito activity on our property is greatly reduced since the treatments.
Bob, Sudbury, MA

Came when you said, coverage of property good.
Chuck, Westminster, MA

With the service we have been able to see significant changes to outdoor activities
- no ticks on the dogs and cats
- horses graze rather than hide in stalls to avoid flies, mosquitoes and may flies.
- horse riding can be done from April to October without bugs
- garden expansion because there are no bugs to present us from being outdoors during the “afterwork” hours
- sunset meals by the pool are a regular event since there are no black flies or mosquitoes to force us i the house for dinner.

Carl, Westminster, MA

You let me know when its coming and it kills bugs.
Joseph, Westminster, MA

How well it works.
Sabrina, Tewksbury, MA

Everyone I spoke to was so courteous and explained clearly to me how this service would work. Totally professional and reliable – well done!
Cathy, Tyngsboro, MA

You offer an affordable organic option.
Julie, Burlington, MA

We haven’t seen mosquitoes. Also very happy with how thorough and personable the last crew that was here was. Thank you!
Suzanne, Tewksbury, MA

Hoping that they work all summer long!!
Shauna, Gardner, MA

Your product works and the one time it didn’t you responded swiftly.
Christine, Wilmington, MA

Applications are made on the scheduled days. So far it seems like the tick control is working, but it is somewhat of a blind item.
Richard, Westford, MA

No more mosquitoes.
Joe, Shirley, MA

Prompt, courteous, polite and professional service. Fully explained the application process, and the nature and impact of the products that were applied. Always available the discuss and answer any questions. Overall, very pleased with the entire experience. So far (after one application) the products seem to be very effective. Would highly recommend Chelmsford.
Thomas, Acton, MA

You provide a good service. You communicate with your clients and
You are reliable.

Judy, Framingham, MA"

They work as advertised-no ticks, no mosquitoes.
Allen, Carlisle, MA

Treatment seems to work.
Ben, Sudbury, MA

Local, great to work with and able to work within our budget.
Jim, Westminster, MA

First application didn’t work very well. Came back and retreated, second application made a huge difference.
Mary Ellen, Bolton, MA

The guys who came were very friendly and gave me all the info I needed. Gardner, MA
Convenience. No hassles. One call and you guys do what you say you are going to do.

Marc, Sudbury, MA

It totally works!!! We can enjoy our yard mosquito and tick free.
Simone, Winchester, MA

Seems to work but only one application so fast and 3/5 of us have mosquito bites. Jennifer, Sudbury, MA

Very accommodating AND extremely happy as to how well the product works! Denise, Tewksbury, MA

I don’t have to schedule it.
Michael, Wilmington, MA

It works! I can go outside after 7 PM! My kids can use the pool, play in the drive and no more ticks!!! I recommend your services to everyone in the neighborhood. I think one has already signed up.
Paul, Groton, MA

They cover the whole property.
Toni, Billerica, MA

The service has been great. Very responsive and great results thus far.
Rick, Groton, MA

Friendly staff, very clear up-front about how the service works, and flexible payment options. I can’t believe the difference Mosquito Squad has made in my backyard. I am able to enjoy every minute of the warm weather, whereas in the past I would’ve been swarmed with mosquitoes. No one wants to leave after our BBQs now!
Abigail, Winchester, MA

It was easy to set up service.
John, Templeton, MA

I love that it actually works!!! Every time I have called (about 3-4 times) I have been treated extremely well!
Karen, Billerica, MA

Erin was great, I twas refreshing to talk to someone and get great service. As for the spraying service it is to early to tell if it is working. But the first spray is off to a great start. Manolo, Tewksbury, MA

Very friendly. Quick sign up. We have only had one treatment so far and have not seen any mosquitoes.
Tammy, Dunstable, MA

Prompt, informative, good quanlity.
John, Acton, MA

Responded quickly to our concerns and resolve and issue promptly.
Shalini, Fitchburg, MA

It actually works !! I was very skeptical about it actually repelling mosquito, very happy after 4 days !
Joseph, North Billerica, MA"

Actually seemed to work. I’ve already recommended it to people. Our neighbor (Tim Gonzalez) now “enrolled” as is (either already or planning to soon) a coworker of mine- Marianne Pierket.
Laura, Tyngsboro, MA

Would like to have the same guys back for further applications!

The results!
Becky, Billerica, MA

I finally get to enjoy the outdoors during our summer months. Before Mosquito Squad, I couldn’t go out without spraying myself with smelly repellent :)
Paula, Westminster, MA

At this stage of the summer our outdoor experience has been mosquito free at a reasonable price.
Frank, Shrewsbury, MA

It did exactly what it said it would. Guys checked in before spraying. Mosquitoes stayed away and made for a lovely rehearsal dinner.
Lorraine, Concord, MA

How quick you got out to the property to start with the treatments. Also how easy it was to get this all going. There are no pushy sales or anything.
Mark, Wilmington, MA

The main thing is that you went out of your way to meet our needs. We were having a party the next day of our order – and you folks came out on a Saturday morning to get the job done. There were a few mosquitoes that night – but it would have been a feeding frenzy had you not come to the rescue. What a difference !
Brad, Sudbury, MA

Quick and easy and it surely seems to be working.
Richard, Lexington, MA

It truly gets rid of the mosquitoes.
Bob, Wilmington, MA

It Works!
Susan, Framingham, MA

Our son is allergic to Mosquitoes and swells unbelievably with each bite. This service has allowed us so much more time outside. The treatment has dramatically lessened the mosquito population. We are enjoying our pool thru dusk with almost no bugs! We’ll worth the fee.
Sherri, Tewksbury, MA

Very effective. Responsive to our needs.
Ann, Dunstable, MA

It works. On time services. Knowledgeable team.
Dennis, West Boylston, MA

Responsive into details about the products you use.
Mike, Lexington, MA

To date the mosquito’s in the back yard have been minimal.
Fred, Westborough, MA

It works, and all the employees I’ve had contact with have provided excellent customer service.
Nicole, Gardner, MA

Timely scheduling. Guaranteed. It works! Thank you, we had a bug free first birthday party!
Hillary, Stow, MA

Thanks to your services, our event was mosquito free. No-one was forced to apply mosquito repellent and the party ended later than anticipated.
Nadia, Townsend, MA

Trust attention.
Eduardo, Carlisle, MA

Commitment to customer. Aim to please.
Donna, Wilmington, MA

Mosquitoes are gone. Price is high but it’s ok because it works.
Matthew, Wilmington, MA

You guys did everything you said you would do — including reducing the mosquito population by 90%+.
Rory, Pepperell, MA

It has worked, and the workmen were professional and thorough.
Carole, Stow, MA

It really works!
Rosanne, Acton, MA

Guys were very friendly. Service was great!
Paula, Stow, MA

We haven’t seen any Mosquitoes or ticks since your visit.
Krista, Sudbury, MA

It’s quick and effective.
Greg, Shrewsbury, MA

We can use our pool and be outside during the evenings now.
Michael, Northborough, MA

Very kind and efficient response to my questions and concerns . Quick follow up . Nice people of the squad !!
Elisabeth, Winchester, MA

It works.
Tom, Groton, MA

Don’t get bitten.
Erin, North Chelmsford, MA

They are quick to get you booked in, they always come on the day they say and if the weather is bad and they can not spray they inform you immediately.
Rachel, Baldwinville, MA

It’s working. It’s quick. It’s convenient. And the woman I have spoken with on the phone a few times (Erin) was extremely nice and very helpful.
Brian, Groton, MA

U are quick, leave no mess and do a thorough job. Ur staff was great and you are reasonable in your prices.
William, Westminster, MA

It worked great. I think more people would do it if the cost were lower.
Tim, Burlington, MA

So far they have only come to my house once, and working with admin people it has been a good business to client relationship.
David, Sterling, MA

Your quick service and communication are great. The mosquito population is definitely dwindling.
Carol, Westminster, MA

I had you come out for an event. I worked great and I would like to continue the service.
Bill, Shirley, MA

I was impressed that they not only sprayed around my house and yard but also went into the woods surrounding the yard. We had a couple of mosquitoes during our event but nothing like what it was before they sprayed. It made a tremendous difference.
Pat, Wilmington, MA

I felt safe sending my kids into our yard all summer. I’m suffering from chronic Lyme and that stress was gone for our family. Thank you Mosquito Squad!!! Your customer service is top dog!!!
Cynthia, Westminster, MA

The first treatment was very effective. We have not been bothered by a bug in a week! We wish we had utilized this service years ago and will certainly continue to in the future now that we know the benefits.
David, Gardner, MA

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